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What is Micro-Nano Bubble?

Micro-Nano Bubbles or MNBs are very fine bubbles of a gas (usually air, oxygen, ozone, CO2) in a liquid (usually water or wastewater).

The number of these bubbles is enormous; 200000000 to 2000000000 (2 million ~ 2 billion) per CC (milliliter)!









How can explain these figures?

Consider an air bubble of 1 mm in diameter in a body of water. It weighs 1.256x10-8 kg with a volume of 4.189 m3 that floats to the water surface at 1 m/s (terminal velocity). We break it to 100 nm bubbles; now we have 1,000,000,000,000 bubbles! The total surface area of these bubbles is 10,000 times more than a single bubble! And, It remains in water.