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How does MNB help us?

Simply in many ways. Here we present some of very useful applications.


Water enrichment

Algae removal: MNBs can over saturate water with oxygen and yet more oxygen in the bubbles to be consumed by fish, shrimp, and etc. The odor will be removed and carbon dioxide decreases significantly that consequently leads to algae removal.

Fisheries and shrimp farms: Since the dissolved oxygen (DO) is increased throughout the water body, the benthic species such as shrimp benefit from high DO. Aquatic lives such as fish, lobster, and shrimp would enjoy the easy, economic, and reliable source of oxygen that reaches every corner of the pool in silence and comfort. It may lead to faster growth of fish and shrimp and lower food conversion ratio; both results in more profit and less cost.

Greenhouse irrigation: In irrigation, the oxygen saturated water enriched with MNB, delivers oxygen right to the roots, helps the plant to produce more fruits in a shorter time. It means the harvest can be performed in shorter periods. There are numerous successful experience and many more scientific research clearly prove that watering the pants with MNB enriched water elevate the total production as well as quality of the agricultural products while it shorten the production period from planting to harvest.




Wastewater treatment

Oxygen is the key element in wastewater treatment. Air MNB provides the oxygen needed for biological treatment of wastewater. The bioavailability of oxygen from MNB is much more than other aeration systems. The oxygen transfer rate is usually more than 80% which is way beyond the imagination if other technologies for aeration are in mind.

Urban Wastewater Treatment: Urban wastewater with COD=650 mg/L has been treated in a very advanced reactor designed and made by Minab Toos New Technologies Co. The COD dropped to less than 80 mg/L in just 12 hours. The similar wastewater is treated in more than 36 hours for the same level of COD.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Air MNBs were used successfully in treatment of potato chips, dairy, and beverage production industries. In all cases the system improved in both process time and final outcome as well as quality of terminal sludge.

Petrochemical Wastewater treatment: Petrochemical wastewater from reservoir tanker flushing, evaporation pools, and mixture of water with fuels were treated with ozone MNB. In all cases the treatment was successful in terms of lowering the cost and the toxicity of the final product.





Ozone MNB (OMNB) has successfully applied to variety of bacteria and algae present in water to remove the pathogenic elements. The results show that the half- life of ozone in water could increase up to 48 hours (compare to 8 minutes in ordinary ozonation). At the time the effectiveness of ozone reaches up to 10 times more.

The proved reason for this huge difference is that OMNBs consist of billions of bubbles in the range on some nano meters up to some micro meters (based on the device and physico-chemical properties of water as well as ambient condition such as temperature). These bubbles cover the pathogens and release the ozone right to the target. Thus the wasted ozone is minimized and the efficiency of the process improved.